Monday, August 25, 2014

Kaitlyn 4 Months and more summer fun!

Kaitlyn's 4 month stats: Height- 24 1/4 inches 60%  Weight-14lbs. 12oz. 75%  Head-16 1/2 80%

Hooray for my big girl! She is still chubby, and cute, and exceptionally smiley. We are so in love with our littlest bean! She is such a happy, well behaved bundle of love. She loves to eat and she sleeps pretty well at night. She still wakes up around 1:00AM and 5:00AM to eat but goes right back to sleep! During the day she loves her saucer, play mat, and watching Natalie. tummy time is her favorite along with the bath! She rolls over both ways now and has started scooting herself across the floor (lord help me). She fights her naps 80% of the time lol. Apparently she doesn't want to miss a thing. She officially, as of a few weeks ago, can get a good baby laughing rolling...its absolutely adorable. We are still doing awesome breast feeding. Hit a few bumps about 2 weeks ago and had to supplement a bit a formula (which she guzzled down) for a few days but got ourselves back on track. She is eating more than I can pump at work so keeping enough of a supply is getting challenging, but we are still making it work! Dr. Gina said we can start rice cereal and purees. Im waiting until 5 months for cereal and probably 6 months till purees. She loves Mrs. Diane and the feeling is mutual. She goes to her house Mondays and Thursday now. Wednesdays is our day together while big sister is at school. I'm trying to find something fun for just the two of us to do that day. Hoping to start a little music class in september. Miss KK also drools....EVERYWHERE! I'm expecting a tooth at some point. She really does a number on my knuckles, or shoulder, or her fist, or anything she can get her hands on lol. Bibs are a must....she eats those too. We still aren't sure who she looks like. We get anything from "A combination of all the Tatge boys." to "V, she looks like your dad." She's got some pretty awesome blue eyes. We are thinking they are going to stick around, but my current favorite feature are her thighs...and all the rolls...that I love to squeeze!!

Oh my miss Natalie! She is such a delight! She makes me smile multiple times a day and we always make each other laugh. She is funny, smart as heck, and sometimes rather challenging...but I love every minute of it. She has such an awesome personality and her imagination lately is my favorite thing. She tells the best stories with hand motions and facial expressions that make you feel like they totally happened!!! She changes her outfit about 87,409 times a day, and its almost always a princess dress. We are on Disney Princess over load in this house. Clearly this is what I get for being a tomboy growing up...Pay Back. It's still cute and I am learning to embrace the girly girl that she is :)

She started a new school last week and aside from a few tears the first day she really is loving it. She doesn't like that I pick her up late on mondays and thursdays but I know she will get adjusted soon. I really like her teachers, and the administrators already have memorized our names. They are just a great group of people, and we are super excited for what Preschool has in store for our big girl this year.

Natalie is still doing amazing at swim. We are doing once a week this session instead of twice due to our busy back to school/work schedule. She swims to the wall on her own now, its so cool to see (made me well up the first few times). I'm so very proud, and it makes me much less nervous around pools knowing she can handle herself if she falls in. Miss Stephanie is a terrific teacher! Natalie has had a very fun filled summer. We've done lots of fun playdates, splash parks, story time, beach days and swimming in the pool! I'm excited for things to cool off in a month or so...its been pretty darn hot the last few weeks. Too hot for Kaitlyn to really participate in any of the fun....good thing she won't remember lol. Nat's current favorite buddies are Bradley, Maizy, Tristan, Chase, and her "orlando friends" as she calls them. Ryker taught her how to blow bubbles in her cup. Now every time she gets a new drink she does it...then tells me who taught her lol :)

Its been a big adjustment not having Grandma here! We miss her very much, for multiple of reasons, but mainly because she is just plain AWESOME! We are already counting down to when we go to WI and see everyone in November. Deer Hunting and Turkey Day will be on the agenda among other things! We also got to spend some quality time with Aunt Jo! We are so lucky she was able to come hang, she was a huge help and Natalie loved playing with her. We get some more Aunt Jo love when she drags Uncle Wally down here in October!! HOORAY :)

It's now Nick's busy travel season, which I know is super hard for him now that he has to leave two cutest all week. The girls defiantly miss him...almost as much as I do. By Thursday I'm ready for a trip to target alone and a beer :)

Upcoming fun events here in The Southern Most Tatge world:
-Orlando this wknd for the UCF game
-Getting high hat lightening put in the house. LET THERE BE LIGHT!
-New Playground delivery and install!
-Our Buddy Maizy's 3rd Birthday party
-Kaitlyn turns 5 months!
-I'm sure a food truck invasion is in store
-Story time starts back up
-We hopefully set up interviews with 2 date night babysitters
-Nat starts soccer!
-Move Kaitlyn into her own room....fingers crossed!

I'd say I promise it won't be 2 months in between posts next time...but I'd be kidding myself! 
Ice Creams been consumed, its past my bed time :)
Nat took a selfie :)

Usually who I wake up next too!

Always. Outside.

On our way to Orlando with Aunt Jo

Happy Chaos :)

4 mth checkup

Nat tat held her hand for shots. 

morning cutie

pirate fairy

holding her bottle like a champ

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